Latex Emulsion Paint Beckersplast 3
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Beckerplast 3 Latex Emulsion Paint is a waterborne latex paint for new and repainting of walls and ceilings indoors, wherever a washable and durable surface is required.

Beckerplast 3 is well suited for e.g. plaster, concrete, sand spackled surfaces,woodfibre - chip board
and gypsum board, texture, wallpaper and previously painted surfaces. Gloss 3 is best suited for
ceiling andwallswhere less demands are put on washability.

Beckerplast 3 has a very good adhesion to among other things latex painted surfaces, for which reason
it is well suited for maintenance and repair painting.

It has a very low odour level bothwhen painting and when drying. It dries quickly, does not yellow with age and has a very good hiding capability.

Technical Information

Packaging: 10 litres.
Spreading rate: 6-8 m2/litre and coat.
Binder: Copolymer latex.
Solvent: Water.
Density: 1.3.
Viscosity: 115 KU.
Solids content: 37% by volume.
Drying time: Approximately 1 hour.Can be
overpainted after approximately
3 hours.
Gloss: 3 units.
Washability: 200-2000 cycles.
Storage: Store above freezing.

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