IKS portal group options and pricing

Figures and facts about the Portal Group:

  • A 19-year-old advisory content and contextual advertising portal group with around 350,000 different visitors every month.
  • 8 years of content marketing experience.
  • 8 years of experience in contextual targeting solutions (retargeting)
  • Google search with keyword phrases


Service Price Description
Writing an article EUR 300 About 6000 characters, original photos of the object in or around Vilnius. In other cities +transport costs. As a usual, our articles are quickly listed on the first page of google.
Writing an article and placing it in the lead EUR 500 Week in lead, sending to subscribers, month in front page, year in theme.
Placing a client's article in the leads EUR 300 Only if the article is acceptable to the editors. Week in the lead, month in the front page, sending to subscribers, year in theme.
Placing the client's article in the title block of the "informative" articles EUR 150 About a month in the front page, sending to subscribers, a year in the theme.
Original product description EUR 100 Around 2000 characters, photos after ordering 5 product descriptions.
Adding a product to the front page, "Portal introduces" EUR 50 Week in the front, sending to subscribers, year in 1 theme
Adding the product to "Spec offer" EUR 150 Week in the front, sending to subscribers, year in 1 theme
Premium banner 750x100 and 200x200 at the top of portals EUR 5 For 1000 views.
Creating a company presentation from EUR 100 About 2000 characters, pictures by client.
Highlighting a company in a topic from EUR 450 Sorting companies by contract size in the topic. There are three levels - orange is the lowest but guaranteed on page 1, red is higher, limited to 5 companies + 50% of orange, first and only + 100% of orange. The price of topics may vary depending on popularity.
Distinguishing a company in categories from EUR 200  
Retargeting campaign set-up and annual monitoring from EUR 150 Customer banners, we can add interactive banners of text and image.
1000 foundations in retargeting from EUR 1,5  


Principles of portal advertising

Our portal advertising is modern and in accordance with a contemporary Western outlook. It only reaches people who have a need for the advertised product or service. Both content marketing and contextual advertising formats target groups according to need and reach them most accurately.

Content marketing is used to reach and influence customers starting their search for a product. In our portals, it is information and in-depth articles in which we outline the benefits of technologies, products and goods, the results obtained, the solutions to problems and, in most cases, the text is illustrated by the products of a specific company. This is an excellent method to attract people who dislike advertising by providing them with helpful information rather than promoting what they dislike.

As we have strong platforms that are respected by Google, these articles appear in the first positions of Google searches. As a result, both the article's sponsor and our client gain an audience for the portal as well as a Google listing.

The portal visitors attracted by the thousands of articles are distributed in different areas - categories or topics. They are unified by the need for a product and service in a specific area. Contextual advertising is the placing of promotional links for companies or their products next to articles in a specific area. If you read an article on door fitting, only advertisements for doors and door fitters will appear next to it. This avoids wasting money by advertising to people who have no need for your product.

Both content marketing and contextual advertising have topped recent surveys in terms of influencing consumer choice and, for advertisers, in terms of return on investment.





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