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This Privacy Policy establishes the terms and conditions for the processing of personal data when using the ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM website on any device. 

Public Institution Žinių tinklas Office address: S.Konarskio St 49-702, Tel.: 8-5-2333102, e-mail


What information do we collect about you and what do we use it for?

Non-registered users

We do not record or collect any personal data of unregistered visitors to the ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM website other than the IP address. The IP address is recorded for the purpose of keeping traffic statistics and is only used for aggregate statistical information.

The server places a cookie on the unregistered user's computer, which is removed by the web browser at the end of the browsing session. It is used to remember the user's choices during the session.


Registered users

During registration you provide us with the following personal information:

  • Name,
  • surname (if you wish, it is not necessary to provide it),
  • email address.


This personal information is used for the following purposes:

  1. A confirmation of your login is sent by email.


What data do we record about you?

Newsletter subscribers

By subscribing to our newsletter you provide us with the following personal information

  • Name,
  • surname (optional if you prefer),
  • email address. 


Newsletter rules

The ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM newsletter is intended to inform readers about news, current affairs and other information published in the sections of the portal selected by them in accordance with their individual needs

Every ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM newsletter subscriber has the right to change his/her subscription at any time or to unsubscribe from the newsletter completely. You also have the right to access your personal data and the right to request the rectification of incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate personal data. If the subscriber unsubscribes from the ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM newsletter, ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM loses the right to process your personal data that you have provided by subscribing to the ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM newsletter.


To whom do we disclose your information?

Public Institution Žinių tinklas undertakes not to disclose to third parties the data provided by the subscriber when subscribing to ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM or by the visitor when registering on the ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM portal, except to law enforcement authorities and only in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.


Your rights

  • You have access to your data and how it is handled.
  • You can ask for your data to be corrected or modified.
  • You can ask for your data to be removed immediately. 

The Data Subject has the right to submit any request or instruction related to the processing of personal data to the Data Controller in writing in one of the following ways: by handing it directly or by post to S.Konarskio St 49-702, Vilnius; by e-mail:



The website uses cookies to remember the user's preferences, to collect piwik statistics and 3rd party cookies, i.e. google analytics cookies for statistics and advertising.


You can read more about the use of Google cookies in "How Google uses information when you visit partner websites or use apps".



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