Tips to protect your renovation
Updated: 2020-12-14
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For some people, being organized is just part of who they are. They are able to engage in projects of any size effortlessly because they have an inert sense of how to keep things in order, how to keep track of things and how to plan for any fallout. Other people however are not that gifted and when taking on one of the biggest projects you will ever encounter - home renovation - organization is key. Depending on the scope of the renovation you are undertaking, you may or may not be able to occupy your home while it is going on. Also, the number of inhabitants in your home makes a huge difference in whether everyone stays or goes during the process.

Home Renovation

Anything that disrupts the day-to-day lives of those who live in your home will be met with some measure of trepidation and annoyance. Even when renovations are for the overall comfort and functionality of a home, the process through which they are achieved can be very disenfranchising. With some simple planning that includes everyone involved (occupants and contractors alike) you will be able to weather the renovation storm comfortably with as little down time needed as possible. Have a look at some of our tips to help you motivate your renovation successfully:

1. Your home is the place you keep some of the most valuable items you'll ever own. We're not only talking about things like jewelry, but bigger things as well like furniture and appliances that you've acquired over time. During a renovation people will be walking in and out of your home, workmen will be lumbering about with heavy machinery of their own and the possibility of things getting lost or damaged is significantly increased. A good way to protect your cherished items during a renovation is to have them put into storage. Once they are out of the way and in a safe, secure place with no risk of interference, your mind will be free of worrying about them. Have a look at sites like the US Storage Search Blog for tips and tricks to successfully put your precious possessions into storage.

2. After you've put some items into storage, there will still be many things you leave in the home that need to be accounted for. Before you allow renovations to commence, a good idea would be to manually create an inventory list of the things that are going to be in the house during the process. Go through room by room and document the condition and number of all the items that will stay in the home and check them yourself. When you're through making this list, give your contractor a copy of it and have him/her go through the list, signing in agreement that they've checked the inventory as well. This ensures that should anything be broken or go missing, that the correct person be held accountable. 

Home renovation is exciting because you will be taking control of the style and function of your home and ending up with repairs and new layouts that are more conducive to your lifestyle. Things can go wrong but with just a little planning, things will go right.  Good luck!

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