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Updated: 2021-10-20


1. If you add a few microphones and a DVD player to an ordinary TV you will have the same "home cinema" just for a cheaper price. However, in turns of quality, it is far from a real home cinema.
2. Home cinema - a luxurious and expensive purchase.It should be noted that the better the quality of a device, the higher the price.
3. Home cinema requires a specially adjusted environment. As a matter of fact if you are planning to use a home cinema, it is better to prepare the atmosphere where you are going to use it.
4. TV set in a home cinema system that can be replaced with a projector. That's even better. View transmitting possibilities for home cinema systems have even better possibilities than a TV.

Most people have a false understanding of the home cinema purpose - this is not a computer of the newest kind, a music player of a simple set of microphones. The main function of this device is a sound effect that you receive as if in a real cinema, brought to your home. It is aimed at creating the atmosphere where you feel as if in the centre of observed action.

It is possible to do this by using well adjusted devices which are also of a high quality. A great sound is influenced not only by the power of acoustic system but also the microphone's composition, shape, various cables and joints, the player's quality to encode information.

Of course, view is also important whilst watching a film. So, it is also necesarry to choose suitable viewing devices which are so much of a variety in nowadays market.

Sound channels

Normally, a home cinema system consists of microphones (of ordinary and of low frequencies), DVD player, amplifier and a radio. The numbers of channells which are used to transmit sould can vary. Yet, the standard is 5:1, five simple and one microphone of low frequencies. And though according to newest data, the market brings a 11.2 system, specialists recommend not to go for too many microphones; most often 5.1. standard. is enough. The sound is also influenced by what the microphones are made of. The best are natural materials - wood (natural and wood panels), aluminium. They ensure the strength of the casing as well as the fact that you will not hear extra sounds.

Two microphones are built or hung at the front of the area - two at the end -whereas the central - beside the screen. The former is responsible for the transmission of the dialogues. As a low frequency has no direction, there is no rules where to build this microphone. Thus, you should look for the low frequency microphone according to your individual needs.

Microphone size and power depends on your needs. If you prefer not only to watch films, but also listen to music, specialist will probably suggest the microphones of a bigger power, size and cost with recomendation to place them on the floor.

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