Outdoor Security Camera Tips For Home And Business Owners
Updated: 2020-12-10
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Author: Dean Caporella

 There are several important aspects you must consider before buying an outdoor security camera. Of utmost importance is the planning stage; how much area do you intend to cover and which areas are less likely to require monitoring.

Weather resistance is another vital factor in security camera systems. Most aren't designed to withstand severe extremes in weather therefore pick the wrong type of camera and it could be like sending money down the drain.

Points To Consider When Shopping Security Cameras For Outdoor Use

It's important you consider the outdoor elements when shopping for an outdoor security camera system. An outdoor camera can be used effectively inside however, an indoor camera should not be used outside. The weather proofing elements of an outdoor camera such as corrosion resistant housing and lens protection make them bullet-proof against most weather mother nature can throw at them.

Outdoor security cameras come in different styles with the bullet-style camera the most popular. Infrared and c-mount cameras are also popular however, the hardy dome shaped camera is not usually suitable for outside conditions unless it's specifically weather-proofed. Some of the features to look for when shopping for cameras include the ability to take high resolution images by day and then revert to black and white at night.

An outdoor security camera's ability to effectively operate in low light conditions make them very powerful. A camera on the market called the Day/Night camera has this ability. An extra imaging chip gives this camera the ability to perform with cat-like features in low light without infrared. This is one of the reasons why it is such a powerful outdoor security camera and the best part is it's not expensive at between $160-$200.

Did You Know?

Outdoor security cameras have come a long way. Formerly with no iris control, nowadays cameras have progressed to the stage where they are fitted with a feature that acts like an iris and can control how much light enters the camera.

Future Of Analog

Digital video systems are quickly becoming the preferred option with consumers. Why? There is nothing worse for someone who has just been burgled and upon checking the security video tape finds it is of poor quality. One of the biggest complaints with analog is the relatively short life span of it's video tapes.

Planning Is Vital

One of the biggest mistakes made by people installing outdoor security camera systems on their properties is lack of planning. This is vital because put up hastily and without too much thought, a security system is almost useless. Sure, it will keep an eye on the areas it's be assigned to cover and do it very effectively but if those areas are in full view all the time and considered non-security issues then what's the point.

You need to concentrate on areas which are considered blind spots. These are where intruders are more likely to concentrate on. Also, getting advice on the type of camera you need is another vital aspect of planning. Depending on the size of your property, whether it's business or domestic, you don't want to over do it with a powerful and expensive system for a small area and vice versa.
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