Apartment in Shanghai
Updated: 2020-12-14

During the design concept development the designer combined the following passive energy and active energy saving options into one comprehensive set of solutions.
Passive energy saving options:
First step was to insulate the three major exterior walls from inside.
The second step was to ingrate a space divider between entrance area and the living room. By that it was possible to create a sliding door system consisting to sliding doors. The first door is solid and aims to control the temperature and also sound in-between these two areas. Second sliding door is made with gaps. This door serves to ventilate the air inside the apartment, but still conceals the living room from the entrance area. Flexibility to different needs is given by using one of the sliding doors.

Active energy saving options:
Here the main idea was to exchange the heating system from previously AC to “Radiator” heating. As we all know AC’s run on electricity and are not suitable for heating a space effectively. They are quite ok for cooling spaces in the summer.

Therefore, a radiator system which runs on gas was chosen to complete the energy efficient package.

Floor heating was not selected since my client wanted to use wood floor. Actually the combination of these two materials is also possible, but radiators are more efficient.
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