Updated: 2020-12-14

Hardly any building company today would doubt the advantages the Internet can offer. Indeed, when searching for desired information, mots customers of building companies choose the Internet as the primary source of information.

ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM has just begun its work. However, our experience in Lithuania shows that cooperation with such a Web-site can bring considerable benefits to any company engaged in the field of construction.

The information presented further below relates to ASA.LT, the Lithuanian "twin-brother" of ALLCONSTRUCTIONS.COM. During the period of its existence, ASA.LT has become the leading Lithuanian Web-site featuring information on building construction.

Below are the results of the surveys conducted in 2002 (194 respondents), in 2003 (RESTA exhibition -165 respondents), and in 2005 (198 respondents).

Rolandas Bairashauskas (Rolandas Bairašauskas), Head of the Representative Office (ABLOY, manufacturer of locks).

"Advertising on the Web has many pluses. First, here we find people who really care about their safety. Second, the Internet provides perfect opportunities to develop public relations. Online press releases are available for customers for considerably longer, compared to other media (this is a great benefit for us, as in the field if lock manufacturing press releases keep being relevant for quite a long time). We consider ASA.LT a leading source of building information. This is the site that we prefer to others, while seeking to increase the level of our popularity, as well as to improve the image of our company. Besides, we are pleased by the fact that the absolute majority of articles published in ASA.LT are analytical, rather than commercial.

Saulius Mickus, UAB Sadita (manufacturing of furniture, doors and windows).

"We have been working with ASA.LT since July of 2001. At first, we placed out advertisements in the topics "furniture" and "windows". As half a year passed, we had no more doubts regarding the effectiveness of this advertizing method, so the agreement was extended for another year. While advertising our products in other media as well, we still place ACA.LT above all else, as it helps us to reach tangible results with minimum cost. After we started manufacturing armored doors in 2003, we made a decision to advertise our goods in the category "Doors" as well. Dainius Budnikas, UAB Moduva director (bathroom equipment)."ASA.LT is the main site where we advertise our products. Having started advertising here in 2007, we participated in the categories related to bathroom and its equipment. Recent years have seen a considerable growth of our company, which we consider the result of our cooperation with ASA.LT."

Algimantas Junevichus (Algimantas Junecičius), Tvorlitus (manufacturer of decorative concrete fences).

We have been advertising in ASA.LT since 2003. At first it was rather difficult to take such a step, but with time we realised that this is a perfect place to promote our products. Our company manufactures and installs concrete fences. Before starting working with ASA, it was only Kaunas and Kaunas district that we had supplied with our goods. Today we sell and install our fences in the whole of Lithuania, while our products are of interest even to international customers. The turnover of our products keep doubling each year."

Sigitas Oginskas, IT specialist (GKG3 plant of reinforced concrete constructions).

"Having started working with ASA.LT in 2003, we keep extending the collaboration agreement through several years, because GKG3 site gets quite many users, coming from ASA.LT site. "

Jonas Telksnis (Director general of UAB Slenkančios Sistemos, manufacturing sliding systems).

"In my opinion, the Internet has become the most effective marketing means, especially in the field of home design. Perhaps, those seeking the lowest prices are happy with simple ads, but we are interested in customers for whom high quality is of the highest importance. ASA.LT is the place where we can find such people."

Maryte Satkavichiene (Marytė Satkevičienė), Economic Director, Building company SKALA.

"Today, when the rate of technological development is faster than ever before, conventional media are no longer able to satisfy the needs of customers. Information about products should be as effective, exhaustive and unbiased, as possible. We have been working with ASA.LT since 2002. To my mind, cooperation with ASA is beneficial both for our sales and for the development of the company image."

Natalja Petrovich (Natalja Petrovič), director of UAB Auristila (manufacturing of plastic windows, doors and aluminium structures).

"We started advertising in ASA.LT in 2003. In recent years, we keep increasing our orders annually; therefore, in 2005 ASA.LT became the major advertising space for us. We cut on other advertising means, since ASA.LT guarantees a rather stable flow of customers to our company."

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